Small Video of the 2016 harvest at Champagne Louis Casters in Damery  :
Another year done: see you next year…

But also the 2016 Harvest in pictures :

Friday, 23 September: After a start with a small team on Wednesday 21 September, here are the reinforcements: reunion, Champagne!!! It is crucial to build up strength for the week.

Saturday, 24 September: A beautiful day begins, pruning shears are handed out and the teams are organised!

Sunday 25 September: start at 7am, beautiful day in sight except perhaps at the end of the day.
Grapes are in the vineyard, the vines are loaded with beautiful bunches of grapes.
The bus is having a difficult start this morning and the wheel is punctured at midday !

Monday 26th September : the weather is getting cooler …

Tuesday, 27 September: another beautiful day at the press, the fermentation room and the vineyards.

Wednesday and Thursday: The harvest continues and finishes …

Thursday, 29 September: The 2016 harvest draws to a close and the big clean-up begins.