Cuvée Eugène

In order to pay tribute to the memory of Eugène Cadel (1857-1932), founder of the Maison de Champagne in 1899, we wanted to create an exceptional cuvée: the Cuvée Eugène.

  • 70% Chardonnay , 15% Pinot Meunier and 15% Pinot Noir
  • Geographical location of the vineyard : Marne Valley, Côte des Blancs , Montagne de Reims .
  • Blend of 3 years
  • Maturation on lees for approximately 7/8 years
  • Dosage approximately 9g / l
  • No malolactic fermentation
  • Alcohol by volume: approximately 12%
  • Containers : Bottle (75cl)

Keep your bottles lying flat in a dark place.

Our bottles are aged in the cellar and ready to drink.

Serve chilled between 7°C and 9°C


Cuvée Eugène is a champagne for contemplation, featuring a great mineral depth and a persistent aromatic character that can make it suitable for multiple harmonies.


Vineyard and wine-making process :

Harvest : 100% manual

Production : approximately 300,000 bottles

Vine density : approximately 8,000 vines / ha

Yield : between 10,000 kg / ha and 13,000 kg / ha depending on quotas

Wine-growing characteristic : supervised control

Presses : 2 Bucher 4,000kg (pneumatic presses)

Wine-making process : in thermo-regulated stainless steel tanks, chaptalization, natural yeasts

Fermentation time : approximately 30 days

Fermentation temperature : 20/22°C

No malolactic fermentation

Filtered wine

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Cuvée Eugène tasting notes :

To the eye

The champagne has a pale yellow golden colour, with deep yellow-green glints that give depth to the flute. Relatively fluid in appearance, it is filled with delicate, light bubbles that create a delicate bead.

To the nose

The first nose reveals peach, liquorice, fig and iodine scents. Aeration of the wine reveals notes of mango, blackcurrant, pear, white pepper, ginger, and biscuit. Further aeration reveals aromas of truffle, milk caramel, gingerbread, and sweet almond.

On the palate

The first impression is supple and fresh with a very smooth, velvety effervescence. The wine develops on the palate in a pleasantly suave and smooth manner, with a velvety taste of white and yellow fruits, well integrated in a tender mineral framework. Freshness is provided by a sparkling and well-integrated acidity, which carries the whole towards a delicate and buttery finish, marked by the taste of lamb’s lettuce, salinity and an aromatic lingering on stone fruits.

Our suggestions for pairings :

  • Warm parmesan tuiles
  • Foie gras, onion confit and pain d’épices
  • Veal sweetbreads and pan-fried porcini mushrooms
  • Truffle and Parmesan Risotto
  • Quail supreme with grapes
  • White pudding, glazed Boulette de Bussy turnips
  • Veal fillet and parsley root purée
  • Stuffed cabbage
  • Brie de Meaux with truffles
  • Roasted banana and speculo shards