Eugène Cadel, born in 1857, from an old family of winegrowers from Damery, became a vineyard owner as soon as he came of age.

A winemaker at heart, a fine taster, a man of character and a born businessman, he developed his own bottle and marketed his production himself.

(bottom right: Eugène Cadel – Top middle: his father)

At the end of the 19th century, he built the Champagne house in the centre of the village of Damery, our current house.

In 1921, his son-in-law René Filaine, also the son of an owner-harvester for generations, took over the estate.


In 1944, Marguerite Filaine, the granddaughter, married Louis Casters, son of a Belgian farmer, who came in the 1920s to run a farm in the region. They took over the house and created the Louis Casters brand.

Their son, Jean-Louis, in turn took over the farm which he grew with the help of his wife Angèle Sleurs, herself from Belgium.

With the arrival of their son Johan, the company continues its expansion while combining respect for tradition and modern technology. Johan and his wife Valérie oversee over the development of Champagne Louis Casters